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Do you have a budget for buying equipment? I have discussed this topic in Business > Investment section, but carving out an approximate investment figure come in handy. Why? When you are looking at cameras, lenses and other equipment, it is easy to get carried up and end up ordering the upgraded versions of what you actually wanted. Sometimes small things add up quickly, and suddenly you find you have these invoices of hundreds of dollars that you really did not require at this moment. But how can you do a budget without knowing and selecting the equipment? Actually there are two separate things. Let’s say you can only afford three hundred dollars per month. By the time you end up with your equipment list, you find the total comes to over four thousand dollars. In this case you have no option but to wait till you accumulate enough to start buying. If you have a bit amount of savings, you can start your purchasing, but be very careful. Spending all your money on equipment may result in not having any money for advertisements, business expenses, overheads, and eventualities that will crop up during shoot. Do not include the potential revenue that you might earn and buy things against it on a credit card. Just don’t. Only use the money you currently have – otherwise a couple of months down the line you may find yourself in a difficult financial situation. I know photographers who had to sell their newly bought items to pay the rent. Though very tempting while browsing through camera online stores, resists the urge to click the buy button. Only spend with what you are comfortable with. For business setups, the situation is a bit different, and more information can be found in the Business section.