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Studio Kits (studiokits.com) is a full featured resource site about setting up a home based photography studio.

I have discussed many different aspects and process of a studio setup. Sections and articles are on equipment selection, studio configuration, lighting setups, some business aspects and marketing, and many other small issues and problems you might face during your career.

This is not a site about how to learn photography. You won’t find any lessons on photography techniques or how to be a better photographer. But what you will get is a in depth guide on setting up you own studio at home.

I will later be adding some sections on setting up a professional studio in a retail space. Not much is different from the basics of home studio setup, but then you are dealing with lease, legal company structure, business accounts, larger space and a few more studio equipment. Your expenses, overheads and marketing budget will have to increase.

Most of the content is based on my experience and struggle to start a home studio. I have written about successes and failures, what went right and what tanked. There were times when I thought it was futile to continue, and there were times I was validated for the perseverance.

I have mentioned it a number of times in various places the importance of treating it as a business and not a part time hobby. Keeping track of your time, finances and resources is as important as keeping on experimenting and polishing the skillset. Sometimes I found it hard to keep the photography business going as I was on a full time job in a technology company. It sometimes becomes difficult to do justice and put in your best in two different directions. That’s a mistake I won’t advice anyone to make, unless you are just starting out and want to figure out if you want to get into this professionally.

It is also all right if you want to do it as a hobby and for fun. If you have the resource, go ahead and set up a studio and shoot your friends and neighbors. You can keep it low key for years till you are ready to move out or move on. Take your time to pick up various skills, experiment with portraits and products, shoot a glass of wine and see how you can make the photo look like a magazine ad.

All I ask that before you set on your photography journey - be clear what you want. You want to play in shallow water, so let it be. You want to be the top of your game – that’s a challenge only you can make and take. If you want to be landscape photographer, this site is probably not for you.

Anyway, I wish you best in your endeavor, and hopefully this site will help you setup your dream photography studio.